19 January 2019

Good afternoon, everyone!
Many questions come to me from people who are interested in putting paulownia tomentosa in their garden or already have it on and do not know how to form the cup or how to open it. Here I leave a photographic follow-up of one of the care possibilities of a paulownia tomentosa. This method of parasol is used to care for mulberry trees, we can take advantage of it for our paulownias. The only drawback of this method is that we are not going to see the spring flowering, but it is a clear example of the formation of a cup of an ornamental tree Paulownia Tomentosa.

Paulownia Tomentosa Sombra

Paulownia Tomentosa para Sombra

Tomentosa mulberry style

Paulownia Tomentosa how to form a cup

Tomentosa shadow

Tomentosa park

Tomentosa without leaf

Tomentosa autumn shadow

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