Calculation of profitability

Paulownia Professional provides data and graphs of the three prevalent species of Paulownia Pao Tong Z07, Shan Tong, Elongata, which shows the averaged data on the growth rate and the tendency to increase trunk diameter.

Height and diameter

Shan Tong

Calculation of profitability


Calculation of profitability

Pao Tong Z07

Calculation of profitability

Technologies of Paulownia cultivation on plantations make it possible to obtain from 240 to 320 cubic meters of high-quality commercial timber from 1 hectare for 7 years. Here you can calculate the profitability of your plantation using our income calculation system. To do this, fill out the form below, selecting one of the types Pao Tong Z07, Shan Tong, Elongata. See the link for the characteristics of the species

Wood volume calculation


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